Starting a Saint Salvage Project: Upcycling a "Busted" Mink Coat

I bought a "busted" full-length mink coat at one of my favorite thrifty haunts in NJ:

Frugal Resale in Collingswood, NJ.

I spent $15 on it, with the intent of giving this tortured coat a second chance at being fashionable. I plan to take it apart, and use it for different items: Maybe, a vest... maybe, a hat, earmuffs, purse? We'll see.

I know that wearing fur is such a controversial subject. But.... wearing faux fur involves using petrochemicals, which has the potential for polluting the environment. I enjoy buying vintage and repurposing, so this previously glorious coat caught my eye. I plan to post some sketches and I will post photos as I go. Wish me luck, please.


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