Thursday, June 21, 2012

Playin' with GEL Polish: Sephora/OPI and ProGel

I purchased some gel polishes yesterday, and did a quickie mani during my lunchbreak today. Here's what I used:


Sephora by OPI Gelshine: Bare to be Different and
ProGel by Super Nail: Trophy Cup.
I bought the Gelshine from the Sephora in Deptford Mall, NJ and I bought the ProGel at the Ulta in Mays Landing, NJ.

After doing all the prep (shaping, buffing, applying the primer and applying the base coat, I cured it with the Sensational LED light I had used on a different mani. Then, I applied the "Bare to be Different" Gelshine. It's a very sheer, natural, bare color. It would be great for a French Mani.

Then, I added the "Trophy Cup" glitter/ clear top coat and cured it.

Then, back to the clear top coat, cure, and alcohol pads. Done in approximately 15 minutes!

There.... in full sun, nice and sparkly!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Quicky DIY: Green Onyx Pyramid Stud Earrings

Here's a "Quicky DIY" I did over the weekend..... I bought a cute pair of Green Onyx pyramids (the color looks a lot like jade) from Gary's Gem Garden in Cherry Hill, NJ. I also bought two silver (not silvertone) backs. I got the deal for less than $15.

I glued the backs on with heavy duty jewelry adhesive.... and they're good to go!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fun with nail polish: Sensationail Gel Color Raspberry Wine

I have been waiting to try out gel nail color, but I didn't feel like throwing down the cash at the local nail salons, so I decided to wait it out for a great DIY option. So... at the local Walmart, waiting for an oil change, I walked over to the HBA section. Lo and behold, I saw this beauty for $49.98:

 Here's the inside:

Nailene's description of the kit is:
Do you love the look of polish, but find it chips within a day or two? Have you ever gotten a manicure and then reached for your keys and ruined it? Now you can get a sensationally shiny, sensationally stunning, sensationally sturdy two-week manicure with the Nailene SensatioNail Starter Kit. Nails are 100% dry and you're ready for action. Even after two weeks your color is still stunning and super shiny. You have better things to do than your nails so grab the Nailene SensatioNail Starter Kit. It's SensatioNail.

Nailene SensatioNail Starter Kit:•Up to 2 weeks of dazzling, damage-proof wear
•10 complete manicures
•Invincible gel polish
•3 easy steps
•No dry time
•Contains: gel cleanser, gel primer, color gel polish, gel base and top coat, double-sided nail buffer, lint-free wipes, manicure stick, LED lamp
•Item no. 71584
Now, I usually approach "miracle products" with a healthy dose of cynical skepticism. But..... caution to the wind.... I took all of 15 minutes to do my nails: Take off old (conventional) polish. Shape nails. Follow instructions. Easy, peasy, with no STINKY odor! Here's what the finished product looked like.

Apparently, I'm not the only one who's in love with Sensationail. I went onto Walmart's website, and the kit has rave reviews.

Then, to Makeup Alley and Nailpolish Addict and Musings of the Nail and CVS and lastly, All have RAVE REVIEWS!

Congratulations to Nailene's Sensationail!!!!!

Looks like you hae a product that will have a cult following. I am looking forward to trying out other colors, and I hope artistic options and glitters come out. Also.... obviously, a great remover option, when my nails grow out and it's time to apply a new coat.  Sensationail Removal Video on Youtube