Sunday, June 30, 2013

After the Fire: June 27 Progress Photos

After the Fire: June 26 Progress Photos

The drywall is up in the utility closet. This is looking up at the ceiling.

Another view at the ceiling.

Above the breaker box.

Also, we have new floor register covers.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Peacocks in my neighborhood.... Strange but True

I've been stopping by my house every day after work, and to my surprise, one of my neighbors told me that we have peacocks in our neighborhood. Sure enough.... there they are!!!!

The neighbors have been scattering bird seed...

Here they are... I  zoomed in. They're pecking at the bird seed.

I think the mostly white one is the male, but I could be wrong.

The white one looks bigger than the other one.

Time for them to take their leave. Hey, "Weird New Jersey", did they escape from a zoo?

After the Fire: June 26 Progress Photos

After the Fire: June 26 Progress Photos

The hole in the under-the-steps closet floor is repaired.

The utility closet is better....

Check out all the drywall repairs.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

After the Fire: June 25 Progress Photos

 After the Fire: June 25 Progress Photos Photos

A hole in the flooring under the steps.... to be repaired on June 26.

All the doors have knobs on them....

And, there's the kitchen.....

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wire Wrapped Cage Sea Glass Pendant Sketch

I pinned this very interesting looking wire wrapped sea glass caged pendant on Pinterest a little while ago, but I was asked recently how "I made it". I didn't make it, and never said I did. But, I'm curious, and I do want to make it. Since I'm living out of a hotel right now, with a minimal amount of supplies, I couldn't whip one up....

I decided to do a little research. 

I found this tutorial for a wire wrapped Prong Setting, and I generated this two part sketch on how to do the pendant above. I'll just have to tackle it when I get back home to my supplies. Yes.... I drew this, and then scanned it.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

After the Fire: June 22 Progress Photos

After the Fire: June 22 Progress Photos

I arrived at the house after work to see this wonderful piece of paper taped to my front window! Yay!!!  A construction permit! Another step closer to going back home!!!

I see the beautiful cabinets up on the sink & dishwasher sink of the galley kitchen.

The stove, microwave and fridge side.... The microwave I bought from Habitat for Humanity's Pennsauken NJ store

Lookie here..... the beautiful fan from Home Depot looks great!

Monday, June 24, 2013

After the Fire: June 21 Progress Photos

After the Fire: June 21 Progress Photos

The kitchen cabinets are starting to go in......
This is where the sink is going...

Here's where the stove and fridge will go...

Here's the vinyl the kids and I picked out for the kitchen and dining room. It's called "Ebony", by Karndean.

This is a promotional photo:

Some detail.... I like that it makes a nice companion to the black appliances.

Here's a close up on the cabinet's wood trim. It's called "Medium Oak"by Hampton Bay

This is the chip sample for the counter top. I really like it, because it's a nice transition between the black appliances, the ebony flooring, the medium oak cabinets, and the 

Quartz White paint I mentioned with the 06/19/13 progress photos

It's called "Bella Capri" by Wilsonart. It's  HD® High Definition® Laminate. (Following is their description)
The classic beauty of Granite. This design has a layering of gold, amber, taupe and black with slight hints of cool blue.

This is shot of the trim with the floor sample and the counter top sample.

This is the carpet sample we chose by is by Mowawk. It's 869 Oyster, and it's gorgeous!

I can't wait until Mammoth Restoration installs it!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

After the Fire: June 20 Progress Photos

After the Fire: June 20 Progress Photos

I bought a black enamel coated cast iron kitchen sink from Habitat for Humanity of Burlington County's ReStore to replace my original stainless sink. That sucker was heavy!!!!! I can't wait to see it installed by the crew from Mammoth Restoration

Here's the other side of my kitchen, with the gas line waiting for the stove I bought today (it will come in on 6/21). The box in the corner is the fan light I bought from Home Depot

Here all are the cabinets, delivered today, and ready to be installed by the Mammoth Restoration crew.

More cabinets!

New smoke detectors, waiting to be installed.

Here's the railing going upstairs, all repainted and sturdy!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

After the Fire: June 19 Progress Photos

After the Fire: June 19 Progress Photos....Lots of small changes....
Here's the loft... I love how the sunlight comes through.

Here's a different view....

From the loft, looking at the light over the steps. I am so happy to see it uncovered. 

Here's the upstairs bedroom, with the paint job done.

Another view. It looks white, but it's not. It's a very light beige, called "Ibis White", by Sherwin Williams.

Here's a view from the steps, at the living room. I love this color. It's called "Water Squirt", by Sherwin Williams.

Another view, toward the dining room.

Here's the downstairs bedroom, it's a color called "Fountain", by Sherwin Williams. 

Another view.

The downstairs bathroom is the same color.

The utility closet behind the washer/dryer closet. It's the same color as the bathroom.

A closet under the steps. The floor needed further repair.

A close up.

Looking up at the steps. I really do love this color. It's so calm and soothing.

Here's the living room with the old refrigerator, waiting to get picked up.

Here's the dining room. It's a different color, called "Quartz White", by Sherwin Williams.

Another view of the dining room and kitchen (same color as the dining room).

Finally, the kitchen....

Here's the colors that Mammoth Restoration applied:
SW7000 Ibis White
Ibis White

Water Squirt

Quartz White